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Musical experiences through poetry,
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to better understand
life, love, and nature…

embracing EUROPE …
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(Title, brands, project and format of the event Fortissimo are registered)

Song Festival Under 14
Musical experiences through poetry, images, and technology
to better understand life, love, and nature…
embracing Europe …

Operative plan 2003/2004

Artistic Workshop

- the fourth edition of the project will maintain the artistic and teaching objectives already seen in the general presentation as well as its humanitarian commitment toward the children of world who are in difficulty by collaborating with UNICEF programs.
- The Artistic Workshop of Fortissimo will take place over three months (from December 2003 to February 2004) and will be open to participation of children from schools of EU nations for which there will be specific sections established where works coming from other countries of the EU can compete exclusively.
- For the sections Authors in the Class and Music for Images, Project Fortissimo will propose a series of meetings dedicated to the teachers and students with the objective of providing them with information and instruments useful for the participation in Project Fortissimo
- The meetings will be conducted by experts in the given sectors and held in equipped locations and also in the schools themselves which make the request
With particular reference to the environments of the Park of Migliarino, S. Rossore e Massaciuccoli, guided excursions with the collaboration of the Park will be possible
- Towards the goal of enriching the proposal of Project Fortissimo, other possible collaborations relative to the contents, locations, and professionalism, within the territory of Pisa and outside, will be considered
- promotion and distribution of the announcement in the schools of all the national territory to begin within 15 December 2003
- Updates and renovation of the website will take place by 15 December 2003 in a bilingual version (Italian/English) with instructional material, music and video for participation in the project, free download + photo gallery of previous editions of the festival available to the public
- An important commitment for the project, starting from this new edition, will be the realization of the teaching material and the produced publications in Braille format for blind and visually-impaired youngsters, available free of charge upon request (in Italian and in English), in collaboration with the National Union of the Blind and the Braille Press of Florence.

The Festival

- the thematic direction which the works need to be inspired by continues to be “Life, love and nature”
- the sections of the festival for the fourth edition will be:

A) Authors in the Class/Europe (first prize: 1,000 euros or Scholastic equipment + publications) in this section elementary and middle school groups and music school groups from EU countries can participate, as authors of the lyrics, in the language of the country they belong to, for one or more of the original musical pieces offered by Fortissimo

B) Songs for Kids /Italy (first prize: 3,000 euros + publication) for Section B adults, children, or groups of any nationality, without limit as to age, who are residents of Italy may participate as authors of the lyrics (in the Italian language) and of the music. The songs must be performed by youngsters under 14 years old, or school groups, presented on behalf of the authors themselves. Outside the competition, as guests by invitation of the organization, there may participate also youngsters or groups, under 14, of any nationality, residents of one of the EU countries or one of the countries candidated for European membership (excluding Italy), in collaboration with the most important musical events of their countries, where the songs have been awarded

C) Special section Graphic Arts - To paint and photograph music and poetry (exposition of works in the area of the festival).

- Publication of the winning works as cover and inside the libretto of the next CD by Fortissimo for UNICEF
In this section, only scholastic groups belonging to elementary and lower middle schools of the province of Pisa and Rome may participate as authors of the graphic work.

- Beginning in 2004 there will be promoted in the environment of the schools involved an informative and educational activity that aims at the creation of the future sections for the next edition

D) Music for Images/Europe (first prize: to be determined) In this section, scholastic groups belonging to the elementary and lower middle schools of the EU nations and countries which are candidated to enter Europe may participate, as authors of the music for one or more of the original short films proposed by Fortissimo.

- entering works into the competition is free of charge
- deadline for presentation of works: 28 February 2004
- The works for participation in the semi-finals will be immediately notified
- 2 seminarians will be held at Verdi Theatre of Pisa (24th and 25th March 2004)
- the finals will take place in Rome (place and time to be determined, April 2004)
- for the section Authors in the Class, the jury will select the works they consider most worthy, which will receive special prizes during the semi-finals in Pisa
- the three works that receive the nomination will be presented for the finals at the festival in Rome, for the final judgement of the jury, which will proclaim the winning work, the second-place, and the third-place work.
- The works entered for the section Songs for Kids will be evaluated by a jury tasked with selecting the works which will participate at the festival
- All the realized texts of various school groups, whether Italian or from other EU countries, considered worthy, will be published in their languages in a book along with the CD with the five musical bases proposed by the project, with which each school may develop an interesting learning experience by singing different lyrics to the same music, even in different languages, for a stimulating and intense intercultural exposure, and as a way to get close to, in the environment of shared work and commitment, children of different languages
- the works selected for the participation in the festival will be published (in a book and CD) and will be already made available at the festival
- during the semi-finals in Pisa, the finalists will be determined; during the finals in Rome, the winning works will be determined
- the event will be recorded on video to be broadcast for a television special and for national and satellite TV plus news reports by RAI/Mediaset and regional TV.

Promotional Events

- for the promotion of the project in the school environment with meetings of a teaching-musical character
- for the promotion and distribution of the published material (CD/book) in the school environment and other places suitable to host a program of a educational-musical character (a UNICEF video projection - musical exhibitions of children participating at the festival.)

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