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Musical experiences through poetry,
images, and technology
to better understand
life, love, and nature…

embracing EUROPE …
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Song Festival Under 14
Musical experiences through poetry, images, and technology
to better understand life, love, and nature…
embracing Europe …

Sponsored by:
Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali (The ministry of Cultural Resources and Activities)
RAI - Segretariato Sociale (Italian national television)
Nazionale Italiana Cantanti (The National Italian Singers soccer team)

Project and Artistic Director: Alfonso Belfiore

General Coordinators:
Francesca Amore, Servizio Cultura/Comune di Pisa, tel. 050.910474
Alfonso Belfiore, Ist. Int. Arte e Tecnologia, tel. 0583.369028

Istituto Internazionale Arte e Tecnologia
Comune di Pisa
Provincia di Pisa
Comune di Roma
Fondazione Teatro di Pisa

In Association with:
Fondazione Piaggio
Accademia Internazionale delle Arti “Leonard Bernstein” di Roma
Ente Parco Naturale di Migliarino, S. Rossore e Massaciuccoli

With the Collaboration of:
Unione Italiana Ciechi
Stamperia Braille di Firenze

Musical Edition: Vecchio Mulino Produzioni

The project will be organized over a three-year operative plan for the period of 2003/2006.

Project Participants:

The project is open to elementary and middle schools, song and musical schools, to children and teenagers under 14 years old from European Union member states, as well as those from SEE/EFTA states and from states canditated for EU membership.
The project is also open to all songwriters and composers of pieces written for kids under 14.
These artists may be of any nationality, without limits as to age, who are resident in Italy.

Project “Fortissimo” aims to stimulate and promote reflection and interest
- the broadest and deepest
- among kids of the European Union toward the themes of life, nature, and respect and love for nature in all its forms.
The project seeks to achieve these goals by way of meaningful educational experiences, both creative and expressive, articulated through music and poetry, where these young people can take their first steps in an interdisciplinary experience of on-stage performance, communication, and electronic and computer technology for the recording and processing of sound and image.

“Fortissimo” is also aimed at the development of a repertoire of artistically-valid songs, written in the languages of the various participating nations, inspired by ethical, civic, and social ideals, proposed in an imaginative and expressive language suitable for the education of children and teenagers, stimulating creativity by way of the very encounter and exchange of different languages, cultures, and modes of expression.

Structure of the Project:
The project is made up of three main areas:
1. training, creative, and expressive activities internships/laboratories for teachers and students conducted by experts in the areas of musical, visual and literary language, by experts in the areas of nature and the environment, and by experts in computer technology. teaching and creative activities conducted in class by the teachers themselves (with the aid of original materials proposed by Project Fortissimo)

2. productive activities (poetry, music, and images) creation of teaching material destined for schools (available free on the internet) - music to write lyrics to (original compositions made expressly by Project Fortissimo) - short films for the creation of music (original video-poetry made expressly by Project Fortissimo) creation of texts for songs/poetry (from the original music proposed by schools) creation of music for images (from the video-poetry proposed by schools)

3. meeting the public (via shows, TV, CDs and video clips)
Fortissimo, Song Festival Under 14 for UNICEF
Publication, recording, and distribution of best works from the festival for UNICEF
Publication of a book of the texts by the schools for UNICEF
Publication of texts and music of the songs dedicated to kids under 14 for UNICEF
Publication and tele-distribution of video-poetry

General characteristics:
The project does not have a view to making a profit and aims to sustain UNICEF programs that support children in the world.
Project “Fortissimo” had its start in 2000/2001, and since its first edition has received an extremely significant participation from the schools and from the young people at whom it is aimed.
This artistic workshop experienced for several months by many participating student groups has been large and active.
Over the first three editions of the project, more than 7,500 youngsters have actively participated in the creation of the works presented at the festival, the best of which are gathered into the production recording for UNICEF.
These works testify to the significance of this experience in their education.
Surely a significant moment for high visibility for Project Fortissimo is the annual “Festival Fortissimo”, a time for the participants to take part in a live production, to face and to get a response from a large public audience.
The festival, which for the first three editions has been held at the “Verdi” theatre of Pisa (Teatro Verdi di Pisa) with actress Sara Ricci conducting, has met with great success.

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