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Musical experiences through poetry,
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to better understand
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musical experiences through poetry, images, and technology...
to better understand life, love, and nature
embracing Europe

fourth annual edition 2004

Pisa, Theatre “Verdi”, 24th and 25th March 2004
Rome, date and place to be determined

Section A (for school groups, authors of lyrics for a song) - 1st Prize: educational grant of 1,000 euro and publication in volume and CD for UNICEF Section B (for composers and lyricists of a song dedicated to kids Under 14) - 1st Prize: 3,000 euro and publication in volume and CD for UNICEF

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Pisa, 15 December 2003

We would like to call your attention to the initiative that represents a unique teaching opportunity intended to stimulate and promote the spread of music and poetry among school children in Europe up to the age of adolescence.

The project “Fortissimo” gives kids the opportunity to play with words and sounds in a creative and educational experience, for the development of an artistic sense, taking the first steps in an interdisciplinary experience of on-stage performance, communication, and electronic and computer technology for the recording and processing of sound and image.

“Fortissimo” is also aimed at creating a repertoire of artistically-valid songs, written in the languages of the various participating nations, inspired by ethical, civic, and social ideals, proposed in an imaginative and expressive language suitable for the education of children and teenagers, stimulating creativity by way of the very encounter and exchange of different languages, cultures, and modes of expression.

Prizes are awarded to the authors of the songs, and not to the children performing them. In collaboration with the National Union of the Blind (Unione Nazionale Ciechi) and the Braille Press of Florence (Stamperia Nazionale Braille di Firenze) the teaching material for participating in the festival will be available, upon request, in Braille format (in Italian and in English) for blind and visually-impaired children.

Participating in the contest is also a chance to make a meaningful humanitarian contribution.

“Fortissimo”, in fact, with the proceeds of the festival recording, supports UNICEF programs, thereby involving children, teenagers and adults moved by the power of music and song in a message of peace and solidarity which, by way of this collection of songs, offers concrete help to children who still live in situations of grave difficulty.

The contest is open to children from elementary schools, middle schools, and musical schools from the European Union, from SEE/EFTA states, or from states candidated for EU membership, who may participate, individually or in groups, by writing lyrics to a song inspired by the proposed theme: Life, love, and nature.

With the competition announcement, there are five melodies to choose from for the creation of lyrics for Section A - Authors in the Class.

We would also like to inform the teachers that will guide children in this task, that the musical bases for the five songs - in a form designed for teaching along with instructions and useful diagrams to guide the children in the creative process - are available on CD, (or may be downloaded from the internet site at no charge).

Composers and songwriters, without age limit, an also school groups, may instead choose to participate in Section B with a song entirely composed by them (music and lyrics) on any theme and dedicated to kids under 14.

The musical event will take place in Pisa, at the Verdi Theatre on the 24th and 25th of March 2004, while the finals will take place in Rome (place and date to be determined). Entry forms and works must be sent to the contest secretary and postmarked by 28 February 2004.

Best wishes,

Councillor of the Arts
Fabiana Angiolini

Artistic Director
Alfonso Belfiore


Please contact us for information and for the competition announcement:
Francesca Amore, Istr. Direttivo Servizio Cultura, Comune di Pisa - tel. +39 050.910474
Contest Office - Tel. +39 0583.369028 - +39 339.2438896

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