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Song Festival Under 14

musical experiences through poetry,
images and technology to better understand life, love, and nature...

embracing Europe

fourth edition
Pisa, Teatro Verdi, 24, 25 March 2004
Rome, place and date to be determined

announcement of competition

The International Institute of Art and Technology in collaboration with Vecchio Mulino Productions, Pisa District, Pisa Province, the Teatro di Pisa Foundation, and Rome District, announces the fourth edition of FORTISSIMO, Song Festival Under 14.

Project Fortissimo aims to stimulate and promote reflection and interest - the broadest and deepest - among kids of the European Union up to the age of adolescence toward the themes of life, nature, and respect and love for nature in all its forms.
The project seeks to achieve these goals by way of meaningful educational experiences, both creative and expressive, articulated through music and poetry, where these young people can take their first steps in an interdisciplinary experience of on-stage performance, communication, and electronic and computer technology for the recording and processing of sound and image.

“Fortissimo” is also aimed at the development of a repertoire of artistically-valid songs, written in the languages of the various participating nations, inspired by ethical, civic, and social ideals, proposed in an imaginative and expressive language suitable for the education of children and teenagers, stimulating creativity by way of the very encounter and exchange of different languages, cultures, and modes of expression.
The authors of the songs are awarded, rather than the kids who perform them.

In collaboration with the Italian Union of the Blind and the Braille National Press of Florence, the teaching material for participation in the festival will be available, upon request, in Braille format (in Italian and in English) for the blind and visually-impaired.

The musical event will take place in Pisa, at the Teatro Verdi on the 24th and 25th of March 2004, while the finals will take place in Rome (place and date to be determined).

In the competition announcement in question, relative to Section B, the term “Author” may indicate either the author of the music (composer) or the author of the text (lyricist) of the songs. The author may also fulfil both the roles of the composer of the music and the writer of the text.

Relative to Section A, the term “Author” indicates exclusively the writer of the text (the lyricist).

The festival is divided into two sections, A and B

Section A - Authors in the class
In Section A, school groups who wish to participate as authors (lyricists) must belong either to elementary or lower middle schools in countries that are members of the European Union, of SEE/EFTA states or of countries candidated for European membership.

Entering a work into the contest is free of charge.
The groups develop the text of the song in their own language, inventing a title as well, on a given theme.

The thematic direction the works should take is:

“Life, love and nature”

and has been decided upon by the commission nominated by the organization of the festival, consisting of:

Fabiana Angiolini, Assessore alla Cultura Comune di Pisa
Ilario Luperini, Pres. Fondazione Teatro di Pisa
Francesca Amore, Istr. Direttivo Servizio Cultura Comune di Pisa
Silvano Patacca, Resp. Ufficio Direzione Fondazione Teatro di Pisa
Maria Simonetta Pardini, Resp. Vecchio Mulino Produzioni Edizioni Musicali
Alfonso Belfiore, Pres. Ist. Int. Arte e Tecnologia

The performer of the winning song for this section will be chosen by the organization, the author(s) of the text may also perform their own work.

For Section A the organization will furnish 5 original musical pieces, among which the participants may choose (one or more than one) to use for their lyrics.
The participants can enter into the competition the text for one or more musical pieces of those made available, or more than one text for the same musical piece.
The musical pieces are composed by the musician Daniele Meini, who has been appointed by the organization.

The five melodic themes for Section A are printed on the same brochure as the competition announcement and the complete musical bases are available on CD upon request or available for download from the website, free of charge, along with other teaching materials, musical and graphic, to assist in the creation of the text.

In order to be able to participate in the contest, the school groups must send the enrolment form (photocopies are acceptable) for each song to be presented.
The enrolment form must be completed in full and signed by a person-in-charge (e.g., teacher, head of institute) for the group. In addition, the following must be attached to the enrolment form:

- 5 copies (typewritten) of the literary texts, stating the school and authoring school group.
- 1 copy of the graphic diagram with squares, appropriate to the musical piece used, completed with the text (syllable-by-syllable), and also stating the school and authoring school group.

Each school group of authors can participate with one or more texts, written in their language.

The competition panel of judges (the Jury) will read all works entered which are postmarked by 28 February 2004.
They will select those works they deem the best for Section A. The judges’ decisions are final.
The organization will proceed therefore to inform only the authors of texts which have been selected.
These authors will be informed by telephone and by certified mail sent to the address indicated on the enrolment form.
The selected works which will receive special prizes will be presented and awarded at the festival that will take place in Pisa and in Rome.
The three best works of those nominated for Section A will participate in the final evening in Rome for the final judgment of the Jury which will determine the first-, second-, and third-prize winning works.

Section B - Songs for Kids
In Section B, those who may participate as authors of texts (in the Italian language) and of music are adults, children or groups, of any nationality, without age limit, who reside in Italy.
The participating songs must be performed by kids up to age 14, born after 1 January 1990, introduced by the authors themselves. Entering works into the competition is free of charge.

The theme is open.

Each author can participate with one or more pieces, with text written in the Italian language.
The duration of each piece cannot exceed 3 minutes and 30 seconds.
Songs which have won other contests or which have been produced may not be entered.
Songs with various types of performance may be presented, including soloist, duo, trio, and/or chorus.
Each performing group (or soloist) may perform only one song at the competition.
Children, however, who take part in a chorus may also perform as a soloist or as part of another performing group.
In order to participate in the competition the authors must send the enrolment form (photocopy is acceptable) for each song presented.
For child authors (minors), the signature of a parent or guardian is also required.
The enrolment form must be completed in full and signed by the authors.
The following must be attached to the enrolment form:

- 5 typewritten copies of the literary text of the piece and five copies of the musical scores (melody and chords), put in a legible form and signed by the authors.
- a demo of the song recorded on DAT or CD or standard musical cassette, with voice and accompaniment of one or more instruments.
- birth certificate of singer or declaration (only for soloists).

The Jury will listen to all entered works postmarked by 28 February 2004, selecting 30 works they consider suitable to participate in the two semi-finals, which will take place at Teatro Verdi in Pisa, the 24th and 25th of March 2004.
The judges’ decisions are final.
The 30 works selected by the Jury will all be included in the publication of the CD for UNICEF, and will be available at the festival. At the end of the semi-finals, the Jury will rank the songs.

The top 12 works will go to the finals in Rome (place and date to be determined). The Jury will be composed of experts in the fields of music, literature and teaching. The Jury’s decision will be relative to the texts and to the music and not to the children’s performance.

The contest office will communicate immediately, by telephone and by return-receipt post sent to the address indicated on the enrolment form, only those authors whose works have been selected to participate in the semi-finals.

The authors of the selected works are required, at risk of being excluded from the contest, to supply by 15 March 2004 the following material:

1) A final version of the song’s musical base, recorded on compact disc. The CD must contain only the selected piece and carry a label with the following information written legibly in the following order: title, names of the authors, and the words ‘musical base’.
2) The final version of the musical base and song, performed by child singer (or other group) , recorded on compact disc. The CD must contain the single piece at the beginning and carry a label (written legibly) with the following information in the following order: title, name of authors, name of performers, and the word ‘playback’.

The order of the exhibition of the participants will be established by the artistic commission of the festival. In the semi-finals and in the finals, the songs will be performed by children singing live with pre-recorded background music supplied by the participants.

For each section: The enrolment forms and the accompanying material must be sent by certified mail (return receipt requested) to the competition office:

Via di Balbano, 1584 - 55050 Nozzano -Balbano LUCCA (Italy)

And must be postmarked by 28 February 2004, completed by the authors and signed also, for children, by a parent or guardian, or by the person-in-charge of a school group.

The entire event will be recorded for television.


Besides first, second and third prize for each section, the panel of judges (“Jury”) will award special prizes and assign honourable mentions to those works they deem particularly worthy.

The winning works for Section A and the works selected by the Jury for Section B will be edited and published in a booklet and gathered on a CD by Vecchio Mulino Productions, which will also manage distribution.

All the youngsters who participate as soloists in the competition will receive a medal to commemorate the event.

Prizes for Section A - Authors in the Class

Lyrics First Prize: Trophy/Publication on Volume+CD of winning piece Grant for teaching materials of 1000 Euro*
Lyrics Second Prize: Trophy/Publication on Volume+CD of winning piece
Lyrics Third Prize: Trophy/Publication on Volume+CD of winning piece

Jury Prize for work especially worthy: Trophy/Publication on Volume+CD of winning piece

Prizes for Section B - Songs for Children

All the songs selected by the Jury for participation at the festival will be included in the publication of the recording dedicated to UNICEF

Song First Prize: Trophy/3000 Euro*
Song Second Prize: Trophy
Song Third Prize: Trophy

Special Jury Prize For especially worthy songs: Trophy

(* gross, before taxes)


The authors of the participating works as well as the parents of the performing children or authors, or guardians, or legal representatives of choruses or persons in charge of school groups, recognize the organization’s following rights and powers:

1) Right of first public presentation.
2) Right to mechanically reproduce the winning and finalist songs, to promote, distribute, and sell in any number the organization considers appropriate and the opportunity to pass the rights to third parties without the authors or performers having any further claim or expect from the recording company or the same contest organization except that which corresponds to their rights under SIAE.
3) Authors of the winning songs and of the finalist songs agree to sign a contract with Vecchio Mulino Produzioni for publication of the pieces of which the rights will be reserved for the mechanical reproduction, the public presentation and publication, according to SIAE norms.
4) Finalist authors and performers concede to the contest organization, free title, the ability to utilize the musical and vocal recordings produced by them and having provided a good quality copy to the organization.
5) The ability to provide Italian and foreign radio and television entities, public and private, with the authorization to film and broadcast the event and the participating works.
6) The right to publish the songs by means of print, gathered in an album, or other forms.
7) The right to translate the finalists songs into various foreign languages.

With the enrolment and the participation in the contest the authors of songs in competition guarantee the originality and the exclusive creation of the songs presented by them, and at the same time relieve the organization from any moral, penal, civil and economic responsibility which may arise from failure to observe the rules of this contest.

By participating in the contest, the authors, the legal representatives of the choruses, the persons in charge of school groups and the parents or legal guardians of children who perform and/or participate, formally accept the rules in full, upon pain of being excluded from the competition.

For any legal issue the Courthouse of Lucca will have authority, and the contest rules written in the Italian language will be taken as the legal basis.

The decisions made by the Jury may not be appealed at any stage of the contest.

The organization of the contest reserves the right to modify the dates and places foreseen for the events as necessary.

The organization of the contest reserves the right to allow songs which may exceed the limits of length indicated by the contest rules herein, in exceptional cases.

No reimbursement will be owed to those who must leave the event or who are excluded from participation for misconduct.
Materials sent to the contest will not be returned and will remain available to the organization.

The Organization

download of rules: PDF - Doc
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