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Informative activities and productions of the project
- instructional kit
- brochures
- competition announcement
- promotional cards to advertise the double CD for Unicef
- events
- posters
- press conferences and press releases
- internet website
- video presentation of the audiovisual works for the Section Music for Images
- exposition area in the event area
- publication with the texts of songs participating in the Festival distributed on behalf of UNICEF programs
(the texts for the original musical pieces proposed by the project will be published in the original languages in which they were written by the Festival student participants and the volume will be accompanied by a CD containing the musical bases for teaching and creative use in the school)
- production of a double CD on behalf of the UNICEF effort in Angola
- televised showing of the three evenings and production of one television special for national television.
- VHS production
- production of television report with unpublished images of the recent mission by actor LINO BANFI to Angola as UNICEF ambassador

The initiative has also been repeatedly broadcast on the following television transmissions:
- La vita in diretta/RAI
- Maurizio Costanzo Show/Channel 5 (also on website
- Wozzup/Italia 1
- Passaparola di Gerry Scotti/Channel 5
- Verissimo/Channel 5 (television services)
- Tappeto Volante di Luciano Rispoli/Odeon TV The Fortissimo festival

Which, starting this year, takes on a European character with schools participating from all over Europe
Will include audiovisual works in a section called “Music for Images”, and the presentation of lyrics elaborated by the participating schools in a section called “Authors in the class".
Besides various reports and interviews for RAI and Mediaset, the event is recorded and broadcast for the creation of national and satellite TV specials.

Project Fortissimo will send, at no charge, a competition announcement to every elementary and middle school throughout Italy and to every music and song school. It will distribute the announcement to all related organizations (about 20,000 addresses) taking advantage of specific institutions for the distribution of this information throughout Europe.

To those schools who request it, Project Fortissimo will send a kit containing everything the school and students need to participate in Fortissimo.

The Kit consists of:
Competition announcement
Competition enrolment form

1 CD ROM containing:
+ presentation
5-minute (approx.) video for which to create a soundtrack
+ databank of sounds for optional use in the soundtrack

1 CD audio with five musical pieces to create texts for each musical piece is complete with:

+ instrumental musical base (definitive version)
+ instrumental musical base with melody guide of the song executed by one instrument
+ melody guide of the song without accompaniment of only the verse of the song
+ melody guide of the song without accompaniment of only the refrain of the song

various graphical material to aid the composing process:
+ diagram with squares to insert syllables of text for each song
+ block-diagram of the structure of each song
+ diagram of the structure of the video with guides for organizing the soundtrack

information sheet on Pisa and activities taking place there information sheet on the Natural Park of San Rossore, Migliarino and Massaciuccoli

All documents and sound and video materials described above can be downloaded for free from the website

Thanks to the collaboration of the Unione Italiana Ciechi (Italian Union of the Blind) and the Stamperia Braille di Firenze (Braille Press of Florence), it will be possible to furnish upon request, at no charge, all the teaching material foreseen for the participation at the festival, in an easy-to-use format for non-seeing or visually-impaired children and teachers.


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